Saturday, May 14, 2011


This is my grandson Clay who will be turning a year old next month. His given name is Raymond Clay, after his daddy and grandfather, (who has been dubbed grandpa pizza, because he brings them pizza, their favorite food.) The thing is, we almost never call him Clay. He is almost always referred to, even by Addison and Kate, as, Claymond.
See the mole on his leg? He was born with it, and from the first time I laid eyes on it I've wanted to draw tiny little legs on it and turn the mole into a bug.


So I did. While Mama is away, Mae Mae will play.


Clay was overjoyed with his new tat.... or maybe it was the macaroni and cheese.



hilltopper said...

what a sweet smile, do you and Jess only post the happy pics or is this little guy just always happy?

Vickie said...

So cute! I would have done that too!