Friday, May 06, 2011

Boy's In Trees.

Yesterday was unusually gorgeous; the temps dropped into the 80's with no it. I met Melissa, Sam and Gator at Bluejacket park, along with the rest of their home school group.
Gregory was in Ninja mode.

boys gator1

I told him how impressed I was by his strength. "This is how ninjas do it," he said.

boys gator2

Its hard to get a picture of Sam. He's decided a great way to get attention is to turn away so you have to pursue him for a photo. I won't do that, but I do have the patience to stand and wait for him to get busy playing.

boys sam spin

boys sam

I was taking a picture of Sam, and when I uploaded photos I found Ninja Gator dashing through the photo. I love the look on his face.

boys ninja

boys tree

After the park Melissa and the boys came over for what they call, "tricia-dillas." Or what you would call a bean and cheese quesadilla. Megan and Oliver stopped by too and we all got to sit on the lanai and visit. After eveyone had left I started foraging in my refrigerator trying to figure out what to eat for dinner when Sarah called to see if she could come over after work. I told her about my lack of food so we went and got 4Rivers for dinner...which we ate outside, because we really did have perfect weather yesterday.

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