Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who Would Do That Kind of Thing?

This morning I turned on Good Morning America and you know what greeted me? A woman showing off her sweaty arm pit. Sheesh, who does that kind of thing? Any way, she was tired of having sweaty under arms and decided to have a new kind of surgery, (only 20 people have had it performed so far,) where a laser is used to destroy your sweat glands.She was very happy and excited about not sweating anymore because she would now be able to wear tight revealing clothes without worry.

So on to other things.
Since I sold my dining room set a few months ago, I've been trying to figure out how to arrange the living room. In a perfect world I would buy new furniture and have gorgeous built ins constructed along the back wall, but this is my world and I have to make do with what I already own. I did have 3 Ikea shelves that were to be used for a friends house staging. The staging never happened and after failing to sell the shelves multiple times on Craigslist and two different garage sales, I put them up in my living room. I really like them.




Yes, those are snowflakes on the wall. I like them too much to take them down.


That is my room so far. Interested in seeing it as a dining room? Click here.

Or my favorite use, as a bedroom. Click here.


HopiQ said...

I am so excited to see those shelves on your wall! YAY! I love how creative you are with your space. It's beautiful. Wish I could come hang out.

aliann said...

The shelves look great! I can't believe you weren't able to sell them. Guess they just belonged in your house.
I also love the lights around the ceiling. I've often wished for those kin of lights in the backyard, never thought of using them inside.

hilltopper said...

as i was looking i was thinking wait, isnt this her bedroom :P

the lights are fab. love em.