Saturday, April 23, 2011

Seriously, It Could Be Me.

I was blog jumping one sleepless night and came across this photo, (I wish I had made a note of what blog it was on.) Look at the woman second from the left.
It could be, but isn't me. Freaky, no?


I've had a serious blow to my rose colored world this week. I found out the HGTV show, "Designed to Sell," Isn't all it seems to be be....or was, since it has been canceled. You can read about the deception here.

Brewier has taken off a few days from work so he can work. Our mulch was almost non existent, and the bricks that lined out porch had sunk about 2", so Brewier is working on remedying those things.
We had 12 yards of mulch delivered, (for the unfamiliar, thats A LOT of mulch. It was a 4 foot high pile covering our entire driveway,) but we are still going to need more. We have a big yard.



While Brewier works outside, I'm inside praying that I haven't caught Megans flu germs, reading, "The Mockingjay," and working on this slipcover for my leather ottoman.


(Recognize your old table cloth Allison?)


Brewier said...

Who is that old man?

hilltopper said...

she does look alot like you!and she and her friends are drinking something undoubtably delicious.