Sunday, April 03, 2011

Last Week.

It was a busy one. Monday morning I picked up Megan and Oliver. They were spending the night with me so we could leave early Tuesday morning for Tampa.
Mom and Dick stopped by for a visit and I think we played cards. Then I got a call from Sam asking if he could come over and hang out with me, and watch a movie. We made popcorn, (I do have that 50 pound bag of it in the garage you know,) and settled in to watch Megamind.


I had given Gregory a couple of mandarin oranges to take home with him; he's a real joker.


In the evening, Sarah came over for a visit before she went home to Sanford.

Tuesday Megan and I were up really early and left the house at 5:30am to drive to Jessicas. I like getting there early when the girls are waking up, it gives us so much more time to visit.
Of course once they were all dressed we headed to Target and Starbucks for breakfast. (Addison and I had our own table.)


Wednesday was my day of recovery. I'm still trying to get over this cold, so I decided to sit and watch back to back episodes of Army Wives. This lasted until 2pm, when I got a phone call from Renee. Eva and Olivia were switching and redecorating their rooms, so I went to their house for a visit and a haircut.

Eva in her newly decorated room.


All day long the skies had been grey and it had been breezy, but while at Renee's, it got bad. Bad as in, "Are you sure this isn't a hurricane?" Branches were falling and trees were blowing over.

Exhibit A


(I took this yesterday while garage sale-ing.)

I got a call from Sarah asking if she could stay at my house since it wasn't safe to be driving, so I headed home. Home to where the power was out. Fortunately I have candles, and enough battery power on my computer to watch a movie, to thats what we did.
Thursday morning I was still powerless, so we went back to Renees and drank all the coffee David had made and Sarah left for work. I spent most of the day at home reading when there was enough light, (the storms were still going on!) I went back to Renees at dinner time, (I had put a bunch of my food in her refrigerator, though that didn't stop me from bumming a couple of pieces of pizza from her,) and recharged my phone and computer so I could go home and watch another movie. Around 9pm my power was restored. Yay! Oh the luxury of boiling water for a cup of tea.

Friday I cleaned and did laundry...all those things that take electricity. I did break for a little bit to visit with my mom and Dick, before their Dr. appointments. Mom and I played cards while Dick rested. They are leaving for their 6 months in Ky this Wednesday :(

Saturday morning Brewier and I went out to garage sales. Then he had an audition in the afternoon. The evening was spent watching basketball games....go Butler!

This morning we are headed to the beach!

(And Jessica, if it weren't for you blogging everyday, I'd probably abandon my blog.)


hilltopper said...

got my daily laugh from the pic of Gregory.
looks like he needs a training bra. =D

it looks almost like we both are ready to abandon the blogging. for the last month i have only been posting like, once a week.

Jane said...

Don't you DARE.

Jessica said...

You better not abandon blogging, I always look forward to your posts!

CinderCat said...

I agree with Jessica, please do not stop blogging!
You are funny, so interesting, also so very talented and you bring a wonderful piece of Florida to the cold north. :-)

Linda said...

That was some storm. We had a tree come down in a rainstorm once but mostly because it was dying and was losing the root system.