Monday, April 04, 2011

How Children See Me.

I have these first two prints hanging in my house. Without fail, every kid that comes to visit, asks if those are pictures of me.

I bought those prints, because figuratively, they are the real me.
Then while shopping in Target with Megan, Jessica and the kids, Megan found this poster and commented on how much she liked it. Addison asked her, "Is that Maemae?"
She also wanted to know why my hair looked so funny in this picture:)

I like how kids can see the true person and not just whats on the outside.


Meg Kat said...

Don't forget this one!

Marci said...

You are in my house too then, I have the jack V. print and the matching one with it :)

Tricia said...

Meg, actually, that's the one that Sam and Gator think is you!

Meg Kat said...

Oh, I forgot! Well, I like that :)

Amy said...

You're LSD on the inside?!