Monday, April 25, 2011


No baskets. No kids. No chapel. No Megan to take decent pictures. (She still has the flu.)
Thankfully Darlene had invited us over for dinner. Not the normal 30+ gathering, but she and Mark, Keith and Lance, and Brewier and I.
It was nice and relaxing.
Not many photos because I was struggling with light when shooting with my Rebel, and my point and shoot doesn't focus anymore and the white balance is off.

Dar and I (Any suggestions for my very thin and still falling out hair? Bangs? Wig?)


Mark, Keith and Lance video chatting with Megan and Oliver.

3 guys


Jessica said...

I like the picture of them video chatting - happy smiles for the baby!

Vickie said...

Looks like you had a really nice relaxing day. Sorry Megan's sick.
When you find the cure for hair pass it my way exactly same problem.

LindaSueBuhl said...

I paid good money to a dermatologist about my hair falling out (in gobs - I mean I was starting to look like a Chubby Yul Brynner - I do exaggerate though so take that into account)
anyhooo - Expensive Dermatologist says: take 5000 mg of Biotin/day
use Nioxin products (shampoo, scalp therapy) and Men's Rogaine (over the counter rogaine - men's because it is stronger)
worked for me - I buy the Nioxin stuff at WalMart's beauty salon (which is a questionable name if ever there was one).
There - that is my knowledge and hope you weren't just kidding when you asked - 'cause you don't know me from Adam's off ox (I am an internet friend of Sarah's). Bless y'all