Monday, April 11, 2011

Down Hill.

Whenever I see that someone has visited the archives of my blog, I go back to see what it was I wrote about. You know what? I used to be a lot more interesting and wordy. Now I try to get by with just a photo or two. I'm really bored with my blog layout too. And my Etsy shop is in desperate need of an update. I'm so overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that I have to put in my shop, that I don't do anything...and then there is the whole shipping issue. I almost always lose money on the shipping, trying not to over charge on it.
My whole life needs an overhaul.


LindaSueBuhl said...

I visit you occasionally - "met" you through Sarah Skees when she was blogging regularly. I know what you mean about blogging - used to be easier to crank out a long maybe interesting piece now I want to slam up some pictures and get going. We are getting ready to start an online business and yes the shipping is a BIG factor.
I do enjoy your archives - your sense of style and love for your family and friends - kudos.

hilltopper said...

over charge and make a note that if the amount is less than estimated, then you will refund the difference.

i use to be more interesting too, but now..i have a few great blog friends, and i really dont feel the need to impress them, they like me how i am, sometimes really witty, sometimes really boring.

and i like them that was as well. :)

Vickie said...

life overhaul - me too - but i do like ur blog

Brewier said...

hmmmm...something I should know about?

CinderCat said...

"hmmmm...something I should know about?"

Priceless! Thanks for a much needed laugh in the rough seas of life!

agree 100 percent with this comment:

"your sense of style and love for your family and friends - kudos."

That is what shines through your blog, whether in pictures or words.

Kelley the W.I.P said...

I stumbled on your blog when I was turning 50 last month and plugged in my birthyear. I live in Central Oregon and enjoy reading about someone else across the country who is the same age as me. Not boring to me. Thank you

Moo said...

I read you all the time and enjoy it :) I like your pictures and I even think you're witty! I understand about feeling like you need a life overhaul. I'm going through my own currently and somedays it's fun :)