Monday, March 07, 2011

Why I Didn't Blog Last Week.

I was busy! Monday I drove to Tampa to visit with Jessica and spend the night. Tuesday afternoon I headed back to Orlando, bringing Addison with me. Several times I asked her what she wanted to do while visiting and every time she replied, "I want to go see Darlene," So before we even got to my house, we stopped by Dr. Schoen's office and saw Darlene. As we were walking across the parking lot Addison stopped and excitedly exclaimed, "Look! A heart shaped puddle!" Which of course we had to play in for a bit.


Wednesday my mom, Megan, Oliver, Melissa, Sam and Gator were all over for the day; I'm never happier than when I have a house full of people.




Friday morning I drove Addison home, and thankfully had my mom along to keep me company, (She also watched Clay so Jessica, the girls and I could go to Target.) I really dislike the I-4 drive/parking lot.

Clay looks so big after spending time with Oliver.


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Linda said...

Looks like fun--and nothing like a baby to brighten up a place.