Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunny Sunday.

We have been having quintessential Florida spring weather. Perfect temperatures, clear blue skies, breezy and NO humidity. Florida without humidity is pretty nice, and I want to enjoy it while I can.
Today was supposed to be our beach day, but yesterday we went to Sanford and walked along the lake, resulting in me being sunburned, (I start burning after 5 minutes in the sun.) So today we cleaned off the the lanai which had been covered in a very thick layer of sticky pollen.

The Sanford Marina




There were four manatees hanging around the docks, including this mama and her calf.


It's lovely walking along the lake.


After the lake we walked around the farmers market.


It was a very nice day and so worth the sunburn. Maybe next weekend we'll make it to the beach.
Yesterday was my brother, Kens' 48th birthday. Happy Birthday!!


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Linda said...

What perfect weather and what a lovely area.