Monday, March 21, 2011

Of Few Words.

As I've said before, I'm not a real chatty person and am not good at small talk. I thought I would share these FB messages with you as an example of my communication skills. And yes, this is the conversation in its entirety.

Friend: Tuesday or Wednesday?
Me: Wednesday
Friend:What time?
Me: 9 or 10
Friend: 9
Me: k.

No, there was no prior conversation to this, but I know that these few words mean that my friend, (who I only see a few times a year,) will drive over here, we will have coffee and talk about our kids and art; we might even hit up Costco.

Today mom and Dick came over to play cards; I love playing cards. Do you like Dicks gangsta look? He had showered right before coming over then sprayed something on his hair. As punishment, (not really. Its just so I could breathe,) he had to wear this stylish purple hat. While they were here we video chatted with my brother in KY. (you can see him in the mirror.)




Jessica said...

Haha, the hat's hilarious! I love it!

Vickie said...

ur funny see u tomorrow