Wednesday, March 16, 2011

-Insert Title Here-

Because I'm Drawing a blank. You know when blogging first hit the web, nobody had titles for their blogs posts. Just thought I'd let you know.
I was sitting getting an IV today, reading blogs, checking Facebook, (My IV takes 3-4 hours so I have lots of time on my hands,) and I came across this picture; kind of a modern take on Jeannie's bottle.


I'd love an area like that...reminds me of when I had my bed in the living room.
I found this photo, and I really liked the look of the living room. I especially love the sofa.


Then I realized its basically my sofa.


Its that time of year when I buy a new handbag, and sticking with the theme of loving things I can't afford, is this Coach bag that I like. At $300 its a bargain compared to the $2,000 bags that I love. (Which are a bargain compared to the $15,000 bags that are awesome.) I can make anything into a bargain.



hilltopper said...

love the bag! it is one of my favorite colors.

Vickie said...

ooo like that purse, really liking pink right now. Corey gave me a little pink purse sort of that style haven't used it yet, need to.
Feeling any better?