Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Am Not Still Incapacitated on the Sofa.

Instead, I woke up in California, in my lovely bedroom.


I wandered into the kitchen and made myself a cup of coffee,

kitchen -open plan

and sat on my back patio, enjoying the coffee while listening to the birds singing.

backyard idea

I hopped on my bike a rode to the beach, (Click HERE for a live cam of the beach.) for a fun morning of sun and sand. Just listen to those soothing waves.

Never one to be far from the beach, I'm spending the afternoon relaxing in my perfect living room while planning this evening's dinner party.


The big question is, do I have it at home,

or on the beach.

beach scene 2

(I thank God everyday for giving me an active imagination.)


Vickie said...

I want to live there.

Meg Kat said...

I love this post!

CinderCat said...

This is beautiful! You have great
taste! :-)

Put a smile in my day. Thank you.

Devoted Mama said...

What an terrific, positive & creative post! You're awesome :)

pk said...

I thank God for you as well and your wonderful creative spirit ! thank you too !