Thursday, March 31, 2011

Greetings From the Land of Darkness.

I've been without power since 4pm yesterday and will be without it until midnight tonight. We've had some wicked storms and tornadoes going on, not to different from hurricane weather.
Sarah was unable to make it home after work last night and spent the night with me. I had enough battery power on my computer to watch a movie, so we sat on my nice clean lanai, (I'm so glad we cleaned it Sunday,) eating chocolate covered almonds, listening to the wind, rain and sirens watching a romantic comedy.
In the morning I awoke to tornado sirens going off, the rain was still falling and the wind blowing, so I went to Renee's fully electrified house 2 blocks away. My cell phone is now charging, and Livi and I are on video chat with Megan, ( and I've drank all the coffee David made.)

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Vickie said...

As soon as I saw on the news about power outages I said to Chuck, "Mom and Dad and Tricia are probably in that group". Hope it's back on soon for you.