Sunday, March 13, 2011

Because Jessica is Working...

I will come up with a, (very random,) post. I'm still sick and on the sofa...everything goes straight to my lungs. Megan has been taking care of me during the week while Brewier is gone, and holding little Oliver is great medicine.

me and ollliver

Last week while at garage sales i came across this very unusual coat hook board thingy. It's deer feet. Four of them all in a row. I was tempted to buy it just because it is so strange.

deer feet

I took these photos back in January. Brewier and I were out taking an evening drive, and as we came upon the cemetery in Winter Park, I saw what looked like a praying lady.

praying lady

Do you see it? In the hazy evening air it really looked like a statue of a lady praying! As we got closer I saw what it actually was. But I like the optical illusion.

praying lady2


Elizabeth said...

Sorry to hear you aren't well :( Oliver is such a beautiful baby, and I think I would feel better too if I got to hold him :)

Moo said...

Oliver looks so cuddly! It makes me want another :)