Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Number Six.

Also known as Oliver. He and Megan were over for a visit yesterday.


My mom hadn't met Oliver yet, (she has been quite ill,) so she and my Aunt Shirley, (who is visiting from the Pennsylvania,) stopped by to see him.



Blogging has been difficult this week as we are dealing with some neighbor problems, making for restless nights and knots in the stomach.


hilltopper said...

he is such a beautiful baby! no lie, sometimes i lie and say that someone's baby is cute when it isnt (i think thats a kind of lie thats ok to tell). but in this case, im not lying, he is aborable, i love his lips!!

Vickie said...

neighbor problems..hmmm anything code enforcement can fix?

CinderCat said...

Number 6 is simply precious!

About your neighbor problem:

I sure hope Jessica's nutty neighbor
that recently moved, did not take up residence next you!

Praying for you...neighbor problems are the pits.

~T said...

He is beautiful. I think he looks like Megan when he's asleep like that.

Sorry about your neighbor problems. I was going to say the same thing CinderCat said!!