Monday, February 14, 2011

Love and Kisses.

Happy Valentines day... a day I both love and loathe. A day focused on love is good, but it also can make those without a special someone feel pretty lousy... and should men really be guilt-ed into romance? Shouldn't love be expressed everyday?

Because Valentines day is on a Monday and our anniversary is tomorrow, we celebrated both events over the weekend. An unusually chilly weekend. Saturday we got 4Rivers BBQ. We always call in our order so that we can walk right up to the window and pick it up, otherwise we'd be standing in this line. Yes indeed, it is the best smoked brisket around. We took our meal to the enchanted park, you know, the one nobody used to know about. This time as we were walking through the park looking for a place to picnic we started hearing violin music. It was a wedding. In OUR park. Unfortunately my camera battery died before I could get pictures.


Like Brewiers hat? It was my anniversary gift to him.


We went to Bluebird Bakery and got a couple of cupcakes to bring home So. Good.


Yesterday we went to the beach and froze. There were some people walking on the beach...and they were all, um, old. As Brewier said, I was the youngest person on the beach.


I started this post this morning...Now I'm too tired to blog anymore.

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