Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Have Found My Dream Home.

I wouldn't change a thing; just move right in.
Go HERE for the whole house tour including before and after pictures.



Well....I would get rid of the dog on the bed.


Vickie said...

Gorgeous!! and so you! but I love it too and would take it in a heart beat!

Jessica said...

I think it's funny how white everything is, considering how colorful you tended to be. It's all about the accents, of course! And, it is pretty. :)

hilltopper said...

it is really beautiful but i have to wonder how she gets away with all the flowy fabrics and tablecloths with 2 little boys?
they are perfect hiding, playing (read:pulling down and getting grubby hands all over) places, at least my kid would think so.

Vickie said...

aaahhhhh it's Wednesday and you haven't updated are you ok??