Thursday, February 10, 2011

Garage Sale Finds.

These are some things i picked up at my friend, Marion's, garage sale last weekend. She and her husband buy up entire estates, (like in the movie, While You Were Sleeping,) and every year she has a fantastic garage sale to clear out her inventory. We got to her sale an hour after it opened and most everything had been sold, but I did find a few lovely things.

marions garage sale

The tray, saucer, glass curtain finials, tiny oil painting and gorgeous glass vase, (I almost missed out on this but Marion brought it to my attention,) that I put chocolate in.


hilltopper said...

LOVE the tray. very cool.

Elizabeth said...

Nice choices :)

Anonymous said...

My mom had a big version of that picture of the virgin Mary hanging up in our house when I was growing up. That brings back some sweet memories!

Merry Makes.. said...

Mmmm.. what a gorgeous arrangement! The tray is truly classy.