Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Know, Some Days There Just Isn't Much to Post About.

Like today. I got up and went into work, which was nice because we have a great air filtration system there.Florida is in prime pollen season right now and my eyes, nose, throat, ears and lips are all SO itchy. They keep me up most of the night, and work was a nice reprieve.
I stopped by to see Megan on my way home. She goes to the hospital tonight to start being induced. Hopefully I will have a grandson sometime tomorrow.
I came home starving and ate half of a PB&J and half a bag of potato chips. I crave chips, (and soda,) when my allergies are bad; I think because they scratch my throat. I tend not to cook when Brewier isn't home, and I rarely get take away, so I eat things like toast, or a can of green beans...or half a bag of chips. Then I'm really hungry and start craving food and don't know what to eat. Wouldn't someone like to feed me?
Friday Brewier turns 60. 60. How did THAT happen? Sixty is...old. I"M MARRIED TO AN OLD MAN!
Love you Hun.


pk said...

First off Congrats on your beautiful new grandboy !! So happy for you all !! gentle hugs to Megs and hugs all around.
It sounds to me like you eat from the "The Psycologists Eat Anything Diet " Enjoy ! Welcome to the I'm married to an old man club. lol Happy to Brewier !

Brewier said...

And I'm still married to a young, beautiful woman!!!