Friday, January 28, 2011


Why did I say I was going to blog everyday? If it weren't for the fact that Jessica with her crazy busy life is updating daily, I'd quit. Despite the fact I talk to Jessica everyday, I anxiously await her updates.
Since she discovered that Rays computer has a web cam, we've been video chatting rather than bombarding our brains with cancer causing death rays from our cell phones.
Why is it that when children in our family turn two their nervous habit becomes sticking a finger up the nose? This is another reason why I have difficulty getting a good photo of Kate.


Then there is Addison. I was talking to Jess and I kept seeing Addison run by the camera laughing.
She had Ray's undies on her head, dancing around.


If it weren't for them, I'd have nothing to blog about.


Lisa said...

Hi :)
I read Jessica's blog (we have kids the same ages) and I just wanted to say I love how I can flick over to here and get a different perspective on similar content. It's kinda like a "movie experience" for me. Just thought you might appreciate that sentiment:)
Write on.

hilltopper said...

classy bunch. ;)

speaking of finger up the nose, mine likes to drag out this habit on stage at every school program.

"hi, im dominics mom"
"oh, the kid with his finger in his nose"
"yep....we are trying top break him of that...... *sigh*"