Thursday, January 27, 2011

Resolution Fail.

I didn't post yesterday.
I went into work and when I got there Darlene said, "So, are you getting an IV?" I said no and went about the tasks she had for me to do. Two more times she asked if I was going to get an IV and I said no. I wasn't terribly sick; my allergies are horrific and that always makes me feel bad but I didn't feel flu-ish or anything, (despite the fact everyone around me is sick.) After lunch, all my work completed I thought, "I might as well get an IV. It can't hurt and if I am getting sick this might knock it out."
Guess what, I was fighting off something. I came home and crashed on the sofa. One of the side effects of an H2O2 IV is die off of the virus. SO I didn't blog, unload my dishwasher or do anything else I had planned.
But the upside...I'll blog again later today and include PICTURES!

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