Monday, January 31, 2011

Pajama Monday.

That is why there are no pictures. You see, I spend most of Monday in my pj's as does my friend Renee. Monday mornings we get together, still in our pj's and have coffee together; such a nice way to start the week. The reason for the pajamas all day? Its the cleaning and catch up day. Why get showered and dressed when you are just going to get dirty? I clean all day then sometime in the late afternoon I shower and put on fresh pj's all ready for bed. Yes, it is an exciting life I lead.


Brewier said...

Today I woke up at 4:00 am, packed to spend another week out of town, then drove 140 miles to Bradenton, arriving at 8:15 am. Made rounds in the nursing home, prepared for the morning managers meeting, then held the meeting from 9:30 to 10:00. Prepared for a conference call with the Regional Vice President, then participated in the call from 11:00 to 11:50. Next I followed up on emails and paper requests on my desk. Also set up files and filed various papers. Went across the street to Crispers to buy lunch. Brought it back to my office and read and responded to personal emails. Wrote and distributed an email to the staff, congratulating them on a great survey last week. Also, during the course of the day, I: discussed pressure washing the building with the Maintenance Director; met with a family member who wanted to know why his mother does not have long distance service on the phone in her room; discussed why we do not provide long distance service for the residents and a complaint from a local hospital discharge planner regarding how our nurses contact family members about discharges with the Admissions Assistant; signed several admission files; met with family members who came in for a family council meeting; listened to the Social Services Director complain about needing more help (she does); discussed collections issues with the MDS Coordinator; discussed purchasing a new steamer for the Kitchen with the Dietary Manager and she showed me the new slicer that was just delivered; discussed overtime control with the Staffing Coordinator; directed the Assistant Office Manager to place an ad in the paper for part-time nurses; met with the Therapy Regional Vice President to discuss our therapy program and issues with nursing; discussed nurse turnover concerns with one of our physicians; gathered information for my meeting tomorrow with the Regional Vice President. At 5:45 pm left work and had dinner at Golden Corral. Checked into my hotel room at 6:45. Unpacked, then worked on a report for the Regional Vice President. I know I left some things out, just can’t remember what they were. But this is a fairly typical day at work.

Brewier said...

Oh yeah, I also took a phone call from the Regional Vice President of Marketing to discuss training for our new Admission Coordinator who had an appendectomy 3 days after starting her job; met with another Department Manager to discuss her taking time off for for 3 possible surgeries.

Moo said...

show off