Monday, January 10, 2011

Me? Stubborn?

Last night I decided that I was going to start crocheting again. I've been seeing so many cute crocheted garlands on Etsy and thought I'd try making a heart garland for Jessica. I hadn't picked up a hook in 28 years, but isn't it a bit like riding a bike?
I started by using the yarn I had on hand, which is 28 years old and the yucky acrylic, "Red Heart," brand. I spent 3 hours practicing little hearts and went to bed looking forward to mastering the pattern in the morning. This morning I got up, put in the first season of Greys Anatomy to watch while I worked, and started making little hearts...only they don't look so heart shaped. "It must be the yarn," I thought, so I went out in the middle of a thunderstorm to get new yarn.


I returned home with a hot pink cotton yarn and high expectations of whipping out a garland in no time. I spent ALL DAY, practicing these hearts. Yes my pinkie finger was cramping and having spasms, but I continued on and eventually it went numb, solving the painful problem. Then my whole hand started cramping so I decided I would try crocheting left handed; how hard could that be? Thirty minutes later I only had 1/2 a heart completed, so I abandoned that idea. It is now 9:30pm; I have yet to produce a perfect heart and my fingers are curled up leaving my hand looking like an old crones. Tomorrow is another day and I WILL make a garland.

The progression of hearts.



Jessica said...

The one on the bottom right looks good!

Caroline said...

That's too funny. I am sitting here watching Grey's and quite literally just finished a hat I was crocheting for Nica's baby shower. They say great minds think alike. :o)

hilltopper said...

why did you save yarn for almost 30 years?

Anonymous said...

You are quite dedicated. I would have given up within about an hour :)