Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I know a lot of people loved it...but...really? I just forced myself to sit through he whole movie, though halfway through I started crocheting hearts. I'd put off seeing this film because Megan thought I might find it disturbing. You see, I have dreams within dreams within dreams, and have talked to my family about how frustrating it is trying to wake up. I wasn't disturbed, just bored. Leo DiCaprio is an excellent actor though. I joked with Brewier that I thought it would be funny to have him wake up on Shutter Island.


Jessica said...

I'm surprised you didn't like it. I thought the story was great! It was slow, though, & I definitely couldn't watch it over & over. We did restart it as soon as it was over thought because you catch so much more the second time around!

Julianna said...

I agree that it wasn't as fabulous and everyone made it out to be. I thought it was just "okay". Shutter Island was better.

Vickie said...

Thank you! I agree with your review.