Sunday, January 09, 2011

I'm Trying to Love Flickr.

On a whim I signed up and paid for a two year Flickr membership. All, "The good blogs," use Flickr and I thought I should try to upgrade my blog image a bit. It took only one day to realize that Flickr and I are not compatible. I contacted them and explained my situation, and got a very polite reply saying that it was in the contract that there was a no refund policy, so I'm trying to love Flickr...or at least like it.
Megan came over today and we took a trip to Costco. I wanted to get more proseco before it was sold out. As we were standing in the check out line Megan started to laugh. I asked her what was so funny and she said, "Look at what's in your cart." I was buying wine, cheese, bread, and a big fluffy body pillow. My Sunday afternoon all wrapped up in a shopping cart.


Megan hung out with me for most of the day and we made panang for lunch. She is hoping to have little Oliver on Tuesday so his birth date will be 1/11/11. (Here due date is the 14th.) Here she his trying to bounce him out.


Brewier is driving home from KY right now and I'm praying he won't be waylaid by this winter storm moving through the south. I imagine he'll be very happy to arrive home to our 80 degree days after a week of freezing weather.


Amy said...

I like the sound of your Sunday afternoon :). All my babies were two weeks late but it would be great to have a cool birthdate. Here, though, it would be 11/1/11 which is more symmetrically pleasing, don't you think?

Elizabeth said...

I'm with you on Flickr! I stopped even putting anything on it, even though I still have room for the "free" aspect of the site. My oldest daughter loves them and stores thousands of photos.
Sorry you couldn't get your money back :(

I really need to go to Costo for that Proseco!!