Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm a Total Slacker.

I haven't update my Etsy shop or even taken pictures for it.
I still have photos on my camera from this weekends festivities, including Brewiers 60th birthday party where I nearly asphyxiated everyone.
I need to update my craft blog and thrift blog, (why do I have 3 separate blogs??)

Why haven't I done any of this?
I blame Netflix. I have a free 30 day trial and I plan on watching as many movies as possible. I haven't even been reading blogs.
Right now I'm waiting for a massive tornado laden storm to move through Orlando, (why do grey skies make me so happy?)listening to Frank Sinatra and drinking a glass of 2006 Malbec....and looking for another movie to watch.

** Things I've realized from watching movies.
1. Lots of movies take place in NYC. Lots.
2. After watching a lot of independent true to life films, I see how awesomely good my
life is.
3. My family is the best, as are my friends.

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