Saturday, January 08, 2011

I Love Him Enough to Go to Walmart.

In my world, that's HUGE. As I've said before, I think Walmart exists to give us a glimpse of what Hell is like. But Walmart carries fabric and Gator, (he asked me to stop calling him Gregory,) had his heart set on a cape like Batman's, so off to Walmart we went....and yes, it was painful. I waited in line 20 minutes to have a yard of fabric cut, all the while trying to breathe as little as possible, and a one point running across the store to the less toxic grocery section to breathe for a few minutes. Once home I was able to whip up his cape in about an hour. He was very specific about what he wanted. It had to be a certain length, cover his shoulders and most importantly cover his neck like a turtle neck sweater.
He was pretty happy with the finished product.





Meg Kat said...

Looks great!

Kathleen said...

hahahahahahaha!!!!! i had to go to walmart, recently, to take a friend to get a prescription filled. i did the same thing when it came to breathing. hee...
it IS what hell must be like, a agree. lol

on a brighter note, i LOVE his cape! and with those BOOTS? who can resist his charm? and with a name like gator, he is going to take over the world!

hilltopper said...

i always wonder as im waiting 35 minutes to get fabric cut
"why can they not just have a little instruction sheet on how to use the little scan printer...then i could just do it myself"

would they lose money on folks who give themselves an extra 3 inches? are they worried about fabric fraud?

they would sell twice as much fabric if it didnt have to be an all afternoon ordeal!