Saturday, January 01, 2011

Fingers Sticky with Glaze.

January 1st. I always have the best intentions of starting out the new year by eating healthily. After two months of a food free for all, its time to get back to normal and work on putting my fat clothes away.

January 1st. Healthy eating never is achieved on this day. There are still Christmas cookies about, bags of potato chips and boxes of candy; and in our house, January 1st is donut day. It wasn't always this way, but once Sarah and John started spending the night here, it kind of turned into that, mostly because whenever Sarah and Ellie spent the night, Sarah would go out and get coffee and donut holes for us.
Last night Brewier and I were the only ones here to see the new year in, but Sarah and Ethan decided to come over for the afternoon today. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when Brewier came home from Publix with these.

(Insert picture of a box of donuts here; that flickr ate.)

Of course once I started eating those, everything off limits in the house became fair game, and now I am suffering the painful consequences. Food allergies stink.

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Elizabeth said...

Same here! There are a few lingering things around our house too, so the regular eating usually starts this coming week.
I didn't bake a lot of things this year for that reason, nor did I buy too many chocolates either. I may be good to go by tomorrow to stay off the sweet stuff.