Monday, January 17, 2011

Dark Grey Skies and Rainy.

And as Addison said when she looked outside this morning, "What a beautiful day!" We as a family truly love these dark grey days, probably because they are so infrequent. Ray and Jessica picked up the kids around lunch time and Brewier and I have been enjoying the rain and quiet house, not even saying much to each other, except that we both think Chipotle would make an excellent dinner, and that we wish we had new episodes of Doc Martin to watch. Why is it that Canadian and British shows have just a 13 episode season?
Brewier starts a new interim job tomorrow in Bradenton, the first place we lived when we moved to Florida back in March of 1986. We still love to go to the beach at Anna Maria Island and I'm hoping that we can find a Pure room that is pure enough for me to stay in, because I would love spending some time on the west coast. I also noticed quite a few thrift stores when we drove through town on Christmas day, just in case I get tired of the beach :)

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