Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Comfort of Old Movies.....and Some Pictures.

I'm alone most of everyday. Its very quiet at my house and sometimes lonely, though the internet helps a great deal with that. Most of the time I'm fine with silence, but sometimes I want to feel connected to the world and I'll put the tv on for noise. I don't have cable so my choices are limited and I won't put just anything on. My favorite is when I can find an old movie...and I don't mean something from the 80's. I love movies from the 30's-50's; maybe because that's what I grew up with. They sound different, look different and have their own syntax that is immediately identifiable. When I put one on I am taken back to when I was a kid, (usually home from school on a sick day,) and the comforts of having my mom at home making wonderful smelling things in the kitchen. So today I was thrilled to find Moby Dick, (1956,) on the television. I've never seen it; didn't watch it, but thoroughly enjoyed the comforts of having it on.

Here are the promised pictures.
Last weekend I had tea with some princesses.


Then they danced with the prince. (Usually Kate is relegated to being prince so this was a nice change for her.)



Jessica said...

They must have LOVED getting to drink their tea on the sofa! Thinking: "Maemae is so much cooler than mom..." :)

hilltopper said...

i like the dancing pic behind them, while theyre dancing.

but the wild haired doll laying on the sofa is a little much.

Brewier said...

I agree, that doll is freaky. You should see it up close.