Thursday, January 13, 2011

Any Day.

Megan came over today and I couldn't get over how far her belly was poking out. Oliver is definitely getting ready to make his appearance anytime; tomorrow is the actual due date.


I sat most of the day watching Greys Anatomy and finished crocheting my heart garland. I'm not too thrilled with it, as the hearts look more like strawberries....misshapen strawberries at that. I'll try and get a pic tomorrow. I did get off the sofa to go to Hot Dog Heaven with Brewier and Megan. Yum. It had been awhile since I'd eaten there, and every now and then I just crave it.

One evening, earlier in the week Gregory came over for a visit wearing his p.j's, new cape, cowboy boots and pimp hat. He was feeling pretty debonair and calling me, "ma petite." Anytime he does something he perceives as fancy, he says ma petite and makes a funny face...I think he might be trying to be French. Whatever it is, he makes me laugh.



Elizabeth said...

I was wondering today if she had the baby yet. The tummy looks quite low, so perhaps soon!

hilltopper said...

time to throw french lessons into the school ciricculum?

Jessica said...

I love the picture of Megan, I can't wait to meet that baby!!!

Vickie said...

Gregory is such a cutie.