Wednesday, December 29, 2010

For Jessica Because She is Working Until Midnight Again.

I was going to wait until the new year to post..did you realize that is Saturday? Anyway, I am going to post every single day in 2011. (Remember when I used to do that?)Tonight though, Jessica is working and needs to be entertained in between calls.

I thought I would make little tiny gingerbread houses to sit on my coffee cups at Christmas, just like Not Martha, but Gregory was watching an x-men cartoon on my computer, so I didn't read the directions on how to make them and rolled out the dough at twice the thickness it should have been. I ended up with chubby disproportionate houses that while not being very pretty, still taste delicious.


We've been having sub-freezing temperatures and my fountain has been iced over in the morning.


Since I can't color my hair, and all the fragrance and chemical free shampoo products I use are drying out and destroying what little hair I have, I've decided to get a wig. I've never had long hair, so I'm thinking of getting one of these styles. Please feel free to comment.



Am I too old for long hair? Will you laugh if you see me in it?

This is a pic from Christmas morning. See Clay? Thats how he looks 80 percent of his waking hours. He is such a sweet and happy little guy.


Brewier and I went to the beach Christmas afternoon. It was COLD. And windy. But we bundled up and walked the shoreline picking up shells for Monica and D.




Jessica said...

Aw, a post for me, thank you! I don't know about the long hair, it could just be because I'm not used to it.

~T said...

Long hair? Hmmmmmm... I just can't imagine that. Btw, I have a little bday gift for you, if I can remember to send it out, you may get it next week. =)


A Joyful Chaos said...

Those little gingerbread houses are too cute! i'll have to remember to try to make some for Christmas 2011.

hilltopper said...

go for the long hair!!

our church secretary wears a wig and it is so cute!!
thanks for thinking of us at the beach.
glad you had a great christmas.

Just say Julie said...

I love the chunky gingerbread houses. It just means they're sturdy.