Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Can't I Just Sit and Read Blogs?

This year has been a hard blogging year; I just haven't felt like putting everything in words. I even missed my 8 year blog birthday back in October. I fall behind in my blogging, then get overwhelmed with everything I've missed writing about and just stop blogging altogether.
Today I'm making Christmas cookies. I may have to give Eva a call and see if she would like to help, she is great company.
Last time she spent the day with me I was thoroughly entertained by her playing and acting out a doll romance. She is SUCH a girl :)


Ken likes brunettes. Only its not really a Ken doll and Eva said I really need a REAL Ken.


I've done some decorating for Christmas; I was going to throw out my book page wreath, but then started gluing some of the berries I had in my garage sale bin on it. I liked it enough to han it in my family room.


Renee pointed out that my red wreath perfectly frames my coffee and blogs print in the mirror.


And of course, I have my wine bottle tree up; this time in the big front window.



Jessica said...

I think you'll need to watch Kate like a hawk when we're at your house on Saturday. I'd hate to see the wine tree go tumbling.

Caroline said...

You were going to throw out your book wreath??? Might I suggest throwing it my way...

hilltopper said...

that man doll looks a little more macho than ken, i like a plastic man in camo pants.