Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We Are SO Related.

My nephew Gregory and I share a love of style. His daddy was the same way when he was young. I'm going to have to find pictures of him and blackmail share them here.This is how Gregory showed up at my house today:


I told him to give me a cool pose. This is what I got.


Awesome shoes.


Then he started dancing around with a bra on, so i had him pose again. These photos will come in handy when he is a teenager.


While Gator was getting his freak on, Sam was playing machine gun kitty. Yes, only a boy will take a sweet kitten puppet and arm it with a machine gun and kill all the other toys.



We all went for a walk. Look how big the baby is getting. The baby whose name Addison thinks should be, "Pocket full of roses." That's how I'm addressing Megs stomach now.


And just for fun, part of Gregory's Christmas list, as dictated to Megan:

Black body suit
jet pack
Chinese robe
a jack hammer (when asked what he wanted it for, he replied, "You'll see when I get it."
automatic shot gun
spear gun
semi automatic rifle
tiger blanket
comfortable socks
*a secret tunnel under his bed, which he truly believes his mother is going to surprise him with some day.
ninja sword
a new desk
whiskey bottle with a lid (to put messages in and through into the river)
a gift for Megans baby


Jessica said...

those are wonderful pictures! The last one of Sam with his mouth wide open had me cracking up!

hilltopper said...

is it really a SECRET tunnel if your mom gets it for you?

Vickie said...

great pictures! Such cuties!

~T said...

I just read this list out loud to my kids and we all enjoyed it. Our favorite, "You'll see when I get it." LOL

We like all the weapons along with comfortable socks. They think he's watched a few episodes of Chuck!