Friday, November 12, 2010

This Can't Be Good.

Last weekend Brewier was watching a football game and he called to me in the kitchen, asking if we had any 3-D glasses. I told him no and asked why and he replied that the game looked weird so it must be in 3-D. Yeah, that or our 15 year old television is about to bite the dust; and since every station looked like this I'll let you draw your own conclusion.


I can't even tell you the last time we bought a tv. This one is at least 2 feet deep and was given to us by my mom when she up graded. I like it because it fits perfectly into this buffet and I can close the doors and make it disappear.
For fun we walked the electronics aisle at Costco looking at new tvs. Do you know they're only an inch thick now?! A-mazing. There is a television that projects in 3-D and you have to have special glasses to wear. Glasses that would get lost, broken and, no thanks.
I know one day we will have to replace this dinosaur, but then I'd want to get cable, because it would be a shame to have a fancy schmancy tv that only gets a couple of stations.


Moo said...

I'm right there with ya. :) The TV we have in our family room was a present from my mom and grandma for my 8th grade graduation. Yes 8th! I've never bought a TV in my life. It will be weird when we finally have to replace it! :P I'm sorry yours is giving out on you. On the bright side, a new TV will fit in there too :)

Meg Kat said...

Matthew couldn't stop laughing when I read this to him (and he said it's the projection tube breaking - time for a new tv!)

hilltopper said...

maybe you can find one at a garage sale.
then it would be cheaper, old and thus no cable-envy.

~T said...

Or, say something when you go to starbucks to a stranger about needing a tv and maybe someone will give you their old one, like they did my brother...

Our computer screen looked like that when one of my lovely little girls put a magnet on it, though!