Friday, November 05, 2010

I've Been Up Since 2am.

Because I am itchy all over. My eyelids, between my fingers, behind my ears, inside my nose, and other places I won't mention. Seriously, every part of my body is itchy and wants to be scratched. This used to be a nightly occurrence for me, but then I discovered that food allergies were to blame. I knew I was playing with fire while at Jessicas. I had 2 small bites of ice cream, a few, "fully loaded," baked potato chips, and some store bought cookies. You'd think that after year of being good I could cheat just a little.

Totally unrelated is this picture, taken at the intersection of Virginia and Mills. A cowboy, whooping and yahoo-ing, to advertise a garage sale. It got our attention.



Vickie said...

so that's what causes it. I hadn't had a problem for awhile till last night, I ate ice cream, oh no.

hilltopper said...

like the cowboy...HATE the food allergy!!

seriously! you just cant get a break, can you?