Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So I Fell a Little Behind on Updating.

But I was having too much fun.
Brewier had a spokesperson video to shoot in Tampa, and I went along so I could visit Jessica.


I brought this little girl home with me.


We went to a ladies brunch on Saturday. She walked into my bedroom, dressed and ready to go, and said, "Maemae, don't I look fabulous?"


She keeps me laughing in the car too. I love when we're behind a slow driver, and I hear from the back seat, "Come on...seriously dude?"

I was supposed to take her home today, but I broke the middle toe on my right foot last night and my foot is black and blue, ( Why is it called black and blue? My bruising is bright purple.) and swollen, so Jessica drove over and picked her up. (I tried to convince Jess to let her stay a few more days.)

My house is so boring with out her.



Chambray Blue said...

This sweetheart looks like my own little Cuppy-cake Marissa, who is three. She wears Grammy's shoes as well and the one pose looked a lot like her. Aren't be blessed?!

Caroline said...

That last picture of Addison is the single best picture I have ever seen of that child. I love it!!!

Amy said...

It's a shame I can't fly my youngest out to you, Addison reminds me of her a lot. She is definitely amusing (in small doses) :)