Saturday, October 02, 2010

Old Friends.

I was in the middle of my sophomore year when we moved from Dallas Tx, (having only lived there for 2 years,) to Perryville, Ky. Moving in when you're in high school sucks. Because we moved so much when I was growing up, I don't have friends from when I was young. I'm quite envious of people who grew up in one place and know people from when they were in grade school.
Yesterday I got to have lunch with the first friend I made when we moved to Ky in 1978; she helped ease my transition into the very different world of rural Ky. I can't believe it's been 30 years since I've seen her!



Elizabeth said...

I think that is so fun to meet up with old buddies. I especially have noticed recently at my age, I enjoy it so much more. I think we are able to stop and enjoy things more, once the kids are out of the nest, and we can focus on ourselves for once.
I'm looking forward to meeting a pen pal that I have been writing to since 5th grade, and have never, ever met! She is coming out to California in Feb. and I can't wait!!
You two look adorable :)

Jane said...

LOVE this pic of you. You look fab.

~T said...

sniff sniff... I would consider you one of my friends and am thankful for the "stint" in Dallas, although you hated it because we don't have good pizza here!!! :)