Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Too Darn Hot.

Cole Porter has that right. Its in the 90's and sticky and I want fall. I want to wear some of the 20 odd sweaters and jackets I own. I indulged myself this morning and turned the ac down really low, so that I could put a sweater on, (I had to laugh when I got on Facebook and saw that Renee had done the same thing this morning,) and I watched The Holiday and looked at Christmas magazines. Once the movie was over my conscience couldn't stand the wastefulness of having my ac set at 72 and I bumped it back up to 80.

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Elizabeth said...

What is the average temp. for fall in your area? Does it ever get cool enough to wear sweaters? Even here in the SF Bay area, we really can't wear heavy coats. Only in the evening time, or if we happen to get a few days of wintery weather.
Is it like San Diego, where the coldest it gets is high 60s'?