Saturday, October 23, 2010

It Was a Pretty Good Day.

How's that for a catchy title?
Brewier and did our usual Saturday morning garage sale date, starting with a trip through McDonalds drive thru for a cup of coffee. Mmm, so good. I won't touch their food, but the coffee is pure goodness. I'm afraid that one day soon it will be proved that not only does their food not spoil or mold, but that their coffee is chemically altered and horrible for you too.
And now a confession. I didn't have just one cup of their coffee; an hour later we went through the drive thru again for another cup. The gal at the window looked at us and said, "You were here before." Busted.
Our garage sale-ing was pretty productive. I bought a mirror, a piece of luggage, (for Brewier,) and....a chair! I'm really excited about the chair. I've been looking for something smaller to go in our family room and this was a bargain at $30.
After bringing more stuff into our home, we decided to clean up the garage in preparation for a garage sale of our own. I say, "we," as in I said, "We should clean the garage," and Brewier does the actual cleaning. He's handy like that.

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