Monday, October 11, 2010

I Had BIG plans.

I was going to clean the entire house, take photos for my Etsy shop, do all the laundry, go to Costco, and clean the lanai. Cleaning the house took all my energy and its still not all done. And we have too much stuff and need to downsize, yada, yada, yada. You've heard it all before. So Instead I give you pictures of my dear daughter in law, Meghan. Why yes, I do have a daughter named Megan and yes it can get confusing.

Meghan is bubbly and fun to be around, and has a really cool tat. She is a geologist and this is a fossil whose name I can't remember.



I love how both Audrey and Meghan are making the same face.


Audrey had had enough picture taking.


But look at this sweet face.



Josh said...

Archaeopteryx :-D

hilltopper said...

she is just about as adorable as can be!

we need to down size we can up size :)

Moo said...

aww cool pics! I'm going to steal the one for my profile pic on FB :p I had fun during your visit. We need to hang out again soon.