Sunday, September 19, 2010

So Far Today...

Well, actually starting last night. At 10:30pm I made a desperate call to Mark and Darlene asking if I could come sleep on their sofa. Our ac is leaking freon into the house and I was starting to feel really sick from it. So I spent the night on their sofa and woke up feeling much better. They said I could live at their house until we get our unit replaced. They have cable tv...which means they have HGTV. Oh boy!
This morning Mark took me outside to see the garden they planted over Labor Day. Its really nice and I hope to take a picture of it later. I had a garden one year and loved it. Megan was still pretty little and would go out and pick fresh lettuce to eat every meal; a garden is a great way to get kids to eat vegetables.
This morning Brewier let me know he had turned off the ac and had the windows open, so I came home to eat breakfast, and to go on our weekly trip down to Lake Eola. One of the streets was closed to traffic because a crew was there filming a breast cancer awareness music video. Sombrero Man was there watching the happenings. He is always shirtless and always has on what appears to be two hats. I'd like to know his story.
The Sunday market at Lake Eola only has one produce vendor, but I found out he is local and grows much of stuff he carries, and while not organic, he doesn't spray anything with pesticides,
so I now have a refrigerator full of fresh produce that cost $20 instead of the $75 it would have at Publix or Whole Foods.
And can I say how much I love having tropical storms in the Atlantic, because we get the best breezes from them. Even though it is 90 degrees out I have my house open and am comfortable. Having my house open always makes me really really happy and energetic too, which is why I wouldn't mind living somewhere I could have them open 24/7.....but I'd need friends and family to move with me. (Sarah, I still haven;t given up on our dream of a vineyard.)

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Mireio said...

That's something I dread every season, closing the windows. I avoid it until I have absolutely no choice. I'm looking forward to when life will take me to a warmer climate and where I can sleep with the window open all year long!