Tuesday, September 07, 2010

No Pictures.

Despite my wonderful Canon Rebel, I often use my junkie old Olympus point and shoot for my photos. I don't have a camera case for my Rebel so I don't take it anywhere for fear of it breaking....like my Olympus. Yes, I think it has had one too many trips to the beach and sand has infiltrated its moving parts. It doesn't focus, and it sounds horrible, so no pictures.
I was hoping to do something fun for Labor Day, but last Thursday I had an appointment with my cardiologist and the whole medical building smelled of perfume and disinfectant, (one of the nurses said she had to hold her breath whenever she went in the bathroom because of the overpowering disinfectant smell.) I got sick, had one of my anaphylaxis episodes and had to leave before even seeing the Dr. When that happens I end up being sick, struggling to breathe, for several days. This episode also made me realize that there is no way I will be able to attend my 30th high school reunion in October, (smoke, perfume, hair spray and lets not forget the evil laundry detergent and fabric softener.) Kind of sad about that because I found the perfect dress to wear while shopping with Sarah on Sunday. I got this off the Express website. so you do get a picture. It would look really great with leggings and a jean jacket .

Yes, Sarah came and rescued me from the pit of despair on Saturday. Brewier was quite grateful to be relieved of this job for a day.
She came in wearing a new outfit, which I immediately had to try on.( I have a whole other blog post started on how Sarah and I can share clothes despite the fact our bodies are completely opposite in shape.) I loved it. I wanted it. So Sunday, we went out to find it. The sweater was from Kohls and the dress from Express, and because I can't breathe in stores, Sarah is my personal shopper. I'll go ito the store, find a few things I like and run out to the car while she buys the stuff; and because it was labor day weekend it was all on sale.
Where will I wear my lovely new things? Probably around the house. I could get away with living in PJ's 80% of the time, but I think I would get terribly depressed.
The rest of the weekend was spent sitting at home recovering from my foray into Kohls and Express. Bored. No family, no picnics, nada. I miss our chapel get togethers. So I cleaned out my closet and got rid of over half the stuff in there. I could probably edit it even more. Its kind of a challenge, how little can I live with? I'm starting to do that with the rest of the house too. Megan had photographed some of the treasures I'm parting with and putting in my Etsy shop. She photographed, edited and made a file on my desk top for them, which I permanently deleted that night, and spent two hours trying, (unsucessfully,) to recover.
So, how was your weekend?


Linda said...

Gosh, is there someway to see the cardiologist somewhere else? So sorry you have such a problem.

Jessica said...

Love the dress - it will be great with the leggings!