Thursday, September 30, 2010


Incase you're not my facebook friend, I'll tell you that we have been in KY for the past couple of days. Brewiers mom isn't doing so well and we wanted to get up and see her before winter. I knew that there hadn't been rain for a while, but wasn't prepared for just how dry everything if. The entire landscape looks like a sepia tone picture. Because of this the air quality is really bad. Its not exaggeration when I say that the air is a brownish orange color. So instead of spending a week at her place, we were there less than two days :( We left her in tears this morning, (she was hoping I'd stay a month like last year,) but we just couldn't stay..I was struggling too much to breathe. We are now at my moms house in central KY and the air is much better. I'm not sure if we'll stay here or continue on home. We did get to visit Brett, Meghan and the kids yesterday, which was a lot of fun. Look how cute Audrey is.


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Jane said...

Seriously. You need to move to this side of the continent.

Orange air? What kind of silliness is this?