Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Walk Through the Park.

It was overcast and breezy this morning so Brewier and took advantage of the weather and went downtown to stroll around Lake Eola. There was a class of some sort doing warm ups


and a book club meeting.


This man didn't have a shirt on but wore the worlds largest hat. It looked MUCH larger in person.


This gentleman was practicing his violin


We strolled through the market


This booth was filled with leather goods right out of the 70's with the same era music playing. I couldn't get away fast enough


See the short grey building in the middle, behind the shiny dome? Thats my favorite building. Its the library.


By this time my purse was hurting my shoulder, so my chivalrous husband carried it for me.


There you go Jessica. Two posts in one day!


Jessica said...

I liked that post! I miss Lake Eola, I haven't been there in years!

hilltopper said...

i think theyre playing Simon Says.

Mireio said...

Oh man... At least your purse isn't uber girly. I think there was a line in my wedding vows that said I'd never make IZ carry my bag. Ha! :D

Linda said...

Great view of the city. I like that turquoise building on the water.

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

It is a rare man that will carry his wife's purse...lucky girl! Janell