Monday, August 09, 2010

They Taste Better Than They Look.

Have you heard of kale chips? They are very popular with foodies right now and I've seen them all over the internet. I'd made them once before only my wonky oven burned them, so I thought I'd give them another try today. My oven is still broken but I stood next to it and checked the chips every couple of minutes.


I'll be the first to admit the don't look very appetizing. Gator took one look and said, "Disgusting." I stood crunching on a few chips and he finally asked if he could try one really, really small piece. I handed him a leaf, he ate it and proclaimed it, "Brilliant!"
He then started chowing down on them telling me between bite fulls, "These really are delicious!"



This was the color of the sky yesterday morning. I love how it looks right before it storms. Maybe I should paint a room that color.



Jessica said...

Okay, how do you make Kale chips?

I, also, love the sky like that. I stand at my window staring out when it looks like it's about to storm.

Toni Tralala said...

Oh wow, so the Kale chips were a hit! I wonder what kind of dip it goes with.

Lovely sky. It looks so serene.

mrsmouthy said...

Am I being punk'd?

Linda said...

I don't think I'd like the chips but that sky is fabulous! That must have been some storm. I used to see skies like that in TX before a huge storm hit.

hilltopper said...

i would try them.

as i looked at Gator's picture, i realized he and Dominic have the same haircut, as i looked closer i realized that apparently they were wearing the same shirt yesterday.

~T said...

The photo is beautiful. =)

Anyone Out There said...

I have to say the Kale chips spiked an interest and I picked up Kale today at the farmers market and came home and made some I am so impressed they were actually good. Thanks!