Thursday, July 29, 2010

Not So Fabulous.

Yesterday I thought I was starting to get over this bug but then WHAM! Yesterday afternoon I started feeling worse, then Brewier comes home sick, and Jessica tells me she has thrown up more in the past 6 hours than she did her entire last pregnancy. Thats alot. I think I actually have a second and different virus now.

My beloved computer, home just one short day from being repaired is showing signs of its previous problem.I hope its not dying on me, I can't afford to replace it and it is my only contact with the outside world.

On the bright side, it appears there are oil eating micro organisms in the gulf, feasting on the oil spill. Of course, this is a group of federally funded scientists giving us this information so there is a good chance its not true.
Yes, I am a ray of sunshine today.

Oh, and my family has informed me that the photo I posted yesterday that I thought looked like me, looks nothing like me.

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