Saturday, July 31, 2010

Greetings From the House of Sickness.

Yep, still sick. Thats what happens when you don't have an immune system. A simple virus turns bacterial and all sorts of nastiness ensues. Being allergic to antibiotics complicates things even more. Brewier is sick too and plans on hibernating back in his bedroom, blackout drapes pulled, computer on his lap. This morning He ran out to Wagreens to get some Werthers candies to ease our sore throats. He came back with the requested original and a coffee caramel. He hates coffee but thought I'd like them. He's sweet like that.
Have I mentioned how hot it is here? I took this yesterday on my way home from the Dr's. around 2pm. It wasn't even the hottest part of the day. On his way home from work Brewier passed one that said 109. I watch the news and they're reporting temps in the mid 90's. I want to know where that is.


Earlier in the week we had one of our wonderful thunderstorms. The not so wonderful part was that it snapped a bunch of trees in half and destroyed my brand new umbrella.


Very sad.

Today I'm going to surf the internet and collect pictures of places I've always wanted to visit. I think I'll start a blog and call it, "Places I'll Never Go."
Yes, I am feeling a bit sorry for myself today.


Josh said...

gurl, don't feel sorry for yourself! even at your sickest and weakest, you are still absolutely amazing and awesome and FABULOUS!

Amy said...

Oh Tricia, I'm sorry you're sick and sad. Real travelling is an awful lot of hard work and is over very quickly. Go somewhere in a book!

Vickie said...

sorry your sick. Just think in 2 weeks I'll be back at work in an unairconditioned bus. I didn't get the run. Even with all the sheesh I have something on my nose stuff. Oh well, such is life. Pray I don't die of heat stroke.

Linda said...

I hope you are well soon. Those temps are amazing. I complain when it's in the 90's here.