Wednesday, July 28, 2010


That sigh was me getting my computer back from Apple Care. It had to be shipped off again to replace the inverter. I was a little concerned because my three year Apple Care has expired, but because this had to do with a previous repair it was covered. I love Apple Care. They recieve the computer, repair it and ship it back all in one day, which is really nice because I'm sick on the sofa and totally lost without my online connection. Megan has been keeping me company and letting me use her computer, but its kind of like driving someone else s car; it gets you to where you're going, but it feels awkward. So whats a girl to do when she is sick and on the sofa?

Cut her hair! Yes, I've done it again. (you can't see me but my head is hanging in shame.) My hair was driving me crazy and it hadn't been cut since Easter so I took matters into my own hands. It doesn't look to tragic, but it doesn't look too good either. Most of my life I've worn my hair super short, not because I like it, (I've always dreamed of having long locks,) but because I have baby fine hair, and not much of it....and now its going grey. I've been considering going really short again, but now that I'm older and my facial features and jawline are rapidly sliding south, I'm not sure I could carry off the look without looking like a butch grandma. Some of the haircuts I'm considering are;





This last one is SUPER short, and I really like it, but not sure I could carry it off anymore.
I'd love to hear your ideas on my hair.

I have to post this picture that I came across's still freaking me out.


Doesn't this look like it could be me with blonde hair?? I know the jaw and nose are a bit different, but glance at her really quick. See what I mean??


hilltopper said...

!!! holy Meredith Baxter Birney!! Dont go blonde! this does not work. i like the third picture, but i think you may have to expiriment with some natural hair product to have that look. i think your hair may be a little too curly for the second pic.

do it, cut it short, do it while youre sick then you can blame being sick if it looks bad or you can feel better about your hair while youre sick if it looks really good.

Tricia said...

Monica, I would NEVER go blonde. Its so not me. But isn't it freaky how much that lady looks like me?
Before I can get my hair cut I have to find someone to do it. My dear friend Renee who has been cutting it since 1988 is just too busy with kids and homeschooling; and I always feel guilty asking her because its about the only time we see each other.

Mireio said...

Yeah, I second the 3rd photo vote! I think you could totally rock that haircut!! And WOW you found your doppelganger, didn't you? :D ~wende

Sarah said...

Definitely number three! I love it!! :-)